About me

Giulia is an independent researcher and designer from Milan, currently based in Rotterdam. She is trained as an Interior Architect and works in the cross section between research, curatorship and exhibition design. Her research focuses on interiors, city making and politics of space.  

Giulia recently completed the exhibition design of the show Act OtherWise in TENT - Rotterdam  and was selected as curator, together with Albert Takashi Richters of the upcoming AUDITORIUM lecture series 2017-18 in Leuven Belgium, for STUK Cultural Centre  and on behalf of the Stad en Architectuur

As a guest lecturer, she run a seminar for the Chair of Complex Projects at the TU Delft  called Built Ideology. Together with first year master students the seminar explored the hidden ideological/post-ideological structures inscribed in contemporary urban landscapes. By looking at existing examples students tried to unveil the political, social and ideological contradictions encrypted in the built form, creating a collective archive and a critical lexicon of built ideology. Among others, the seminar invited David Mulder (XML Architects), Arna Mackic (RAAAF) and Tamar Shafrir (Space Caviar) to give lectures.

Since August 2015, Giulia has been working at Droog, for the Design+Desires program. Design+Desires is based on human-centered urban research and design, tackling the gap between strategy and tactics, between theory and practice, between the view of professionals and how citizens furnish their environment. Through the online platform socialcities.org D+D aims to create a critical discourse on urban culture that involves common citizens as well as professionals from different fields. Next to being part of the editorial research team, Giulia was also involved in the design of the Social City exhibition that featured during the UABB 2015 in Shenzhen. She regularly collaborates with Droog and the D+D team as freelance designer and researcher. Next to this she has been working as editor and assistant curator at New Generations, a cultural association based between London and Rotterdam. New Generations is part of Itinerant Office, an open network of professionals which develops strategies, research and architectural projects at different levels, curating workshops, exhibitions and events.

Her academic path started at Politecnico di Milano, where she earned her Bachelor Degree in Interior Design with high honor in 2011. In June 2014 she graduated from Interior Architecture and Retail Design Master course at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. After graduation and due to her interest in research, she worked as a part-time researcher and teaching assistant at Piet Zwart Institute in the context of the history and theory module in collaboration with Füsun Türetken. From January to May 2015 she worked on the exhibition Workshop for the New World, together with the research based practice Monnik. Workshop for the New World was commissioned by Bureau Europa in Maastricht.